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August Newsletter

By |2020-08-06T08:37:38-05:00August 5th, 2020|

August Newsletter As we enter the dog days of summer... And prepare for a new version of back-to-school, I hope you and your family are safe, remaining healthy, and are making wise decisions when going out in public. This month’s update may seem like a broken record, but it is what it is [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2020-07-30T14:15:27-05:00July 30th, 2020|

The REAL Market Update This week let's address some new topics before diving into the raw data.  The first is what's going on in the mortgage market.   I'm fielding a LOT of calls right now about potentially refinancing, with folks asking me to run through whether it makes sense and what options are out there.  [...]

July Newsletter

By |2020-07-08T13:48:24-05:00July 8th, 2020|

As We Begin to Reopen... As we transition into Phase III with some areas beginning to open up while  others remain on restricted status, I encourage you to stay safe and make wise  decisions when you go out in public, so you and your family continue to remain healthy.  I will continue to [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2020-07-03T15:21:54-05:00July 3rd, 2020|

This week I'm going to focus on some new things that are going on in the market place that are shifting things in a somewhat fundamental way.  Fear not you wonky types.  We'll get to the numbers too.  Typically in an appreciating market there are certain "governors" on price appreciation, irrespective of market conditions.  I'm referring [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2020-06-26T10:00:21-05:00June 26th, 2020|

I'm having flashbacks to the mid 2000's with bidding wars and contingencies being waived.  With all respect to Flo Rida not even Shawty got as low low low as inventory levels are now!  We are at a mere 2,408 homes on the market in all of the whole of the Northern Virginia market [...]

June Newsletter

By |2020-06-04T15:04:08-05:00June 4th, 2020|

As Summer Rolls in... First and foremost, I trust you are staying safe and making wise decisions when going out in public, so you remain healthy! So, you may be wondering what was happening in the real estate business during the pandemic while we were on stay at home status. As I mentioned [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2020-05-29T15:37:19-05:00May 29th, 2020|

Real estate markets are a largely local phenomenon, and to figure them out it's important to know what to pay attention to out there, and what to just ignore.  In today's wide ranging post we're going to talk about the relevant numbers both in comparative and absolute terms and touch on financing and [...]

Is Real Estate America’s Rock During the Coronavirus Crisis?

By |2020-05-26T15:31:48-05:00May 26th, 2020|

Real Estate:  A Port in the Storm! I have blogged extensively about how well the real estate market has been holding up in our region.  Here's an excellent article about some of the underlying reasons for that.  Look for my regular posts that discuss up to the date information on the local market [...]

May Newsletter

By |2020-05-06T17:14:27-05:00May 6th, 2020|

A Different Spring Market Hopefully, you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. As previously mentioned, real estate is considered an essential business and as such, we have adapted to new ways of conducting business. Yes, homes are being purchased, sold, and leased – people need shelter. [...]

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