‘The Best Home-Selling Advice I’ve Heard, Ever’

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Experience is the second best teacher! Of course the best teacher in the real estate realm would be to go to class with your favorite broker in advance!  Great advice from actual home buyers and sellers in this article that you will notice mirrors many of the topics I blog on.  When you [...]

14 Insanely Easy Curb Appeal Projects You Can Do in a Day

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Time to up your Curb Appeal game! It's amazing how many clients form some level of opinion about a property before the front door even opens.   Over the years I've become a big believer in all things exterior, both personally and professionally.   Blame my friend Cathleen at DesignScapes.  She got me started.  Here's [...]

The 10 Most Common Defects Found in Home Inspections

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The ten most common defects on Home Inspections are...not a big deal! This article reveals and my 30 years of doing these can confirm that the majority of issues on home inspections are common and easy to remedy.  From a sellers perspective most are also easy to identify in advance and thus would [...]

Thinking about selling your home? Do these 22 things first

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23 things actually.  #1 .... call yours truly! I've rarely come across articles like this to post as I find they often have suggestions that don't translate to our market but this a pretty good one.  After you call me about selling your place we'll sit down together and go over many of [...]

Why it Makes Sense to Compare Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

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Make sure you're covered! Insurance coverage for your home is both one of the most variable and important components of home ownership.  Make sure you have enough coverage and also not too much!  Good article on options.  Call me with questions and for a referral to a great insurance agent.

Ready, Set…..ACTION!!!

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In an effort to differentiate the service I provide for my clients I've developed, with some of my video partners,  a new advertising medium for those unique properties that need something extra to have their story told.  Taking "Home Tours" to a different level.  Check out this short "Spielberg" video and let me know what [...]