Are Uber and Lyft helping or hurting public transit?

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Is Uber a component of your commute plan? Lot's of my clients and I have been talking about how ride sharing services could fill in some gaps in commute options which is having something of an impact on buying decisions.  I always thought that these services would actually increase total driving miles in [...]

Why Homeownership Matters Now More Than Ever

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Home ownership leads to significantly increased wealth! I've learned after 30 years in the business to not take for granted that certain things are known thus the reason for posting this article.  There is a huge gap in wealth accumulation between homeowners and lifelong renters that has always been the case, to say nothing about the non financial advantages of [...]

11 Holiday Mistakes That Bring Burglars to Your Door

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Bah Humbug! We are regrettably seeing lots of articles and reports of package thieves and the like during this Christmas and holiday season so it seemed wise to post an article about smart security measures.  Count me guilty on the tree and electrical cord ones.  Merry Christmas!  

5 Steps to Disputing Your Tax Assessment

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Let's call this a 6 step plan.  We all know Step #1 is call Chris Dominick! Tax assessments are not set in stone for a number of reasons.   I successfully disputed mine a couple of years ago due to incorrect information at the county regarding my square footage.  If your assessment is more [...]

Can’t save money? You’re not following these 3 simple steps

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How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. That statement reverberates across much of life but it's particularly applicable in saving towards a buffer/emergency fund or planned significant capital need (like a down payment!).  Here's a great article with some really good common sense strategies to pump up your savings!  [...]

HOA Makes Homeowners Leave Garage Doors Open for a Truly Silly Reason

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Clear evidence some HOA's have lost their marbles.  This is one of those stories that you'd swear they had to be drunk when they came up with it (or they're in California).  You'll get a good laugh from this article plus also some good information on your rights if your HOA or Condo Association has gone off the rails. [...]

3 essential privacy settings for your Amazon Echo

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How Smart do you want your house? Smart homes are the future and a growing part of the present. I'm sure many of you invited Alexa into your lives this Christmas where she is doing everything but the laundry. This article has some practical security and privacy suggestions worth considering (though the first [...]