Reasons Not to Buy Your House With Cash

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Cash is King......but perhaps sometimes it shouldn't be. Deciding whether to pay cash for a property is a fairly nuanced process that requires thoughtful analysis.  When it comes to your principle residence in particular there are some non financial factors that you need to attempt to quantify.  This article does a great job [...]

Your House isn’t a Piggy Bank

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Handle with Care! With the recent rise in home equity with the improving market and the continued easing in the mortgage market people all across the fruited plain are starting to eye their home equity longingly.  I'm here to tell you beware.  Do to the fact that most mortgages are either 30 or 15 year [...]

9 Reasons You Might Not Get a Mortgage

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Having trouble getting a mortgage?  Don't give up without talking to me! If this is you perhaps you can attest to the veracity of this article.  The good news is that many of the road blocks to getting a mortgage can be overcome with some directed action and planning.  Today might not work but [...]

In-Person Appraisals are Becoming Less Frequent. Should they be?

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In short no, but in certain circumstances, say maybe 10% to 20% of the time they could be.  From a market solvency standpoint appraisals are hugely important to maintaining the stability of the secondary and broader mortgage market.  However on an individual level it represents an opportunity to save money.  In almost 30 [...]

The Era of Low Mortgage Rates Is Over

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With rates rising it's time to get off the fence!  For the last 5 or 6 years each Spring everyone with a microphone and an opinion would come out and warn of rising interest rates (not this guy though if you've been following me).  The Fed wanted to see higher rates so that they could [...]

Slaying That Credit Score – New Tips For A New Year

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Credit Scores:  You gotta deal with them. Regrettably credit scores have taken on a dramatically inflated role in our world but until you reach the Holy Grail of paying cash for homes and being self insured rendering your score irrelevant it behooves you to keep it in shape.  What increases or decreases your score is often counter [...]

Should you lock your credit report?

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I was recently interviewed by the National Organization of Realtors on this important and topical issue.   As we all know there have been serious breaches of the credit data of millions of people in this country and given the evolving narrative we likely don't know the totality of our exposure, so from my [...]