A Septic System Inspection Should Be Done How Often?!

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How important is a septic inspection?  Pretty darn important! How come!?  When you read this article realize that for some reason homeowners broadly pay less attention to their septic systems than they probably should.  For this reason and due to the fact that issues with septic systems are sometimes very expensive, especially if [...]

July Newsletter

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Mid-Year Update The feverish pace of the Spring Market has broken though you couldn't tell that from the weather!  With half of the year over, the real estate market in Northern Virginia has slowed to a normal pace. This has put some sellers and Realtors in a bit of a panic as they [...]

In-Person Appraisals are Becoming Less Frequent. Should they be?

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In short no, but in certain circumstances, say maybe 10% to 20% of the time they could be.  From a market solvency standpoint appraisals are hugely important to maintaining the stability of the secondary and broader mortgage market.  However on an individual level it represents an opportunity to save money.  In almost 30 [...]

Solved! The Best Time to Water Grass

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Glorious lawns done right It's really gratifying to walk out your door and see a lush green lawn but it sure can seem elusive.  One of the biggest reasons is that most people make a ton of mistakes in watering.  Here's a great article to help you save money and resources and get the [...]

June Newsletter

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Hello Summer! As we head into the long, hot days of summer, we are seeing that the Northern Virginia real estate market is in a "weird" place right now. It appears that some current buyers are creating unrealistic expectations while on the search for their new home – not every house is perfect, [...]

The Era of Low Mortgage Rates Is Over

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With rates rising it's time to get off the fence!  For the last 5 or 6 years each Spring everyone with a microphone and an opinion would come out and warn of rising interest rates (not this guy though if you've been following me).  The Fed wanted to see higher rates so that they could [...]

May Platinum Club

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The weather is heating up and the market is.............settling down just a little.  Folks this is a dynamic market.  It's a sellers market but how much of a sellers market changes with the wind.  Advice to sellers now is different than March which was different than January. Let's start with the numbers.  YTD [...]

10 Building Code Violations Your Home May Be Guilty Of

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Are you breaking the law? After having been in somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 homes in my career I can tell you that I've seen it all when it comes to code violations.  Call it Harry Homeowner run amok.  Many of these are related to safety issue so they should all be taken [...]