About Chris Dominick

With 27 years in the real estate industry and a referral based business model, Chris provides unparalleled ability and experience and a laser like focus on providing the most exceptional real estate experience you can imagine. All facets of the transaction, including a roster of elite level service providers, are employed as we see around corners and deliver a smooth and profitable transaction.

Five Signs You’re Ready for Homeownership

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Are you ready to take the plunge? Here's an excellent check list to see if it might be your time to become a homeowner.   Even if you are not, give me a call so that together we can lay out a road map for you to "be ready to be ready"!

Don’t Try This at Home: The 7 Most Dangerous DIYs

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I KNOW some of you out there have done some of these! Hey I'm not throwing stones here.  I've done all but two of these myself.  Knocking down walls and large tree work are my personal favorites.  (After recently doing some ill advised tree work my neighbor came up and told me that [...]

December Newsletter

By |2018-12-21T08:55:50+00:00December 21st, 2018|

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! As you are out shopping, heading to parties, potlucks and the like, we too are in full holiday mode in the real estate market. Inventory is dropping as sellers who are not in a "must sell" situation are taking their homes off the market, leaving us with sellers [...]

11 Holiday Mistakes That Bring Burglars to Your Door

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Bah Humbug! We are regrettably seeing lots of articles and reports of package thieves and the like during this Christmas and holiday season so it seemed wise to post an article about smart security measures.  Count me guilty on the tree and electrical cord ones.  Merry Christmas!  

Quick start for new Haymarket commuter lot

By |2018-12-18T17:00:25+00:00December 18th, 2018|

Great news for Prince William County commuters Good article about the new commuter lot in Haymarket and similar planned openings for the entire PW region. Doing good things out there along with the Diverging Diamond intersection.

5 Steps to Disputing Your Tax Assessment

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Let's call this a 6 step plan.  We all know Step #1 is call Chris Dominick! Tax assessments are not set in stone for a number of reasons.   I successfully disputed mine a couple of years ago due to incorrect information at the county regarding my square footage.  If your assessment is more [...]

November Newsletter

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I am Grateful for You! Now that another Halloween has come and gone, hopefully you weren’t spooked by the real estate market and the news that you have heard about it. The market is good – not bad – not slow – not great – just good. People need to expect that their [...]