About Chris Dominick

With 27 years in the real estate industry and a referral based business model, Chris provides unparalleled ability and experience and a laser like focus on providing the most exceptional real estate experience you can imagine. All facets of the transaction, including a roster of elite level service providers, are employed as we see around corners and deliver a smooth and profitable transaction.

April Newsletter

By | 2018-04-10T20:06:20+00:00 April 10th, 2018|

Welcome to the Spring Market! As we enter what is considered to be the "Spring Market" in real estate, we are lacking one thing that makes sales "spring"… houses to sell and houses to buy! We have plenty of buyers looking and many more expressing an interest in becoming home owners, but very [...]

March Platinum Club

By | 2018-04-02T10:09:45+00:00 April 2nd, 2018|

Hopping into the Spring Market! The housing market in Northern Virginia continues to be on certain price points. Virtually anything under $450,000 that is in good shape, priced right and is not a condo is selling within days, above asking price with multiple contracts. Places in the $500,000-$650,000 price point that have [...]

21 Clever Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

By | 2018-03-23T13:14:02+00:00 March 23rd, 2018|

Your home is so Spacious! Being in this business I've seen sooo many instances of where smaller homes looked infinitely larger, brighter and more functional than significantly larger homes. Here is a great article about how to brighten your home and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Some of these suggestions are well known [...]

9 Inspiring Ideas for Basement Flooring

By | 2018-03-19T12:56:13+00:00 March 19th, 2018|

Don't settle for a cold and uninviting basement! No longer are you limited to exposed concrete, carpet or tile. There are tons of new flooring products, many unique and with a lot of character. Most are relatively inexpensive as well (save the engineered wood floors). Here's a nice article about some of those [...]

11 Reasons to Get to Know Your Neighbors

By | 2018-03-15T12:28:30+00:00 March 15th, 2018|

Great Neighbors are PRICELESS! This is one of my favorite articles I have read in some time.  Community enriches my life like few other things and I'm betting the same is true for you.   I've seen the value of most of the points in this article manifested in my own community so enjoy this [...]

March Newsletter

By | 2018-03-08T14:13:47+00:00 March 8th, 2018|

Spring is here…. Save for the dusting of snow! The real estate market in Northern Virginia continues its roll into the Spring selling season. Inventory on resale homes has risen slightly, but so have sales. The slight rise in interest rates have not slowed things down and we don’t expect anything to change. [...]

11 must-haves to sell to millennial homebuyers

By | 2018-03-05T12:40:19+00:00 March 5th, 2018|

Calling all Millennials! As I mentioned in my most recent Platinum Club post Millennials are a major, major driver of the market and rest assured I'm ready and able to help meet your unique needs.  I'm actually working with the daughter of one of my first clients who would have been in the [...]

February Platinum Club

By | 2018-02-28T09:11:23+00:00 February 28th, 2018|

Buyers are out there, sales are up, you know what's next! It's not the mid 2000's by a long shot but the critical shortage of inventory, historic highs in consumer confidence and interest rates trickling upwards are creating price pressures in many areas and price points.  If you are a buyer and are [...]

9 Kitchen Items Designers Really Wish You Wouldn’t Buy

By | 2018-02-23T15:04:23+00:00 February 23rd, 2018|

The Winds of Change are Blowing! I'm often surprised by some of the design features which become prevalent as I see them as likely to be short lived (think bleached wood cabinets, bamboo floors and now subway tiles) and sure enough some of the more recent "hot" features are trending towards tepid.  Check out this article about what's hot and [...]